Relocating to a New City

The last box is finally unpacked and you have officially relocated for your new position! Through all the excitement, there also might be some uncertainty about the days to come. Here are some tips and tricks for making a smooth move. 

Research your routes

Navigation around town is critical. You want to be on time for work and outings with your (new) friends.  Looking for alternate routes in town can help lessen the travel time and give you more time to explore your new city. Learning about rideshare services/ public transportation can be useful as well if a personal car is not needed. 

Join organized groups

Surround yourself with people that have some common threads and the new place will feel less lonely in no time. If you love to volunteer, find the local Habitat for Humanity or Meals on Wheels chapter. Organized groups alleviate some of the awkward encounters of meeting new people as they provide an activity or talking point to focus on and often occur numerous times so strangers quickly become friends. 

Register to vote

It is a small step to ensure you remember all the other important details of a big move like registering your plates, getting your utilities set up, updating your files and documents with your new address, finding new service professionals and inquiring about your insurance policy. 

Reset your social media location

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have great algorithms to track location and generate recommendations based on your whereabouts. Facebook has an “events” tab that shows any and all types of events within a certain range. Plus, if you mark ‘interested’, it will send reminders as it approaches.  Instagram now shows sponsored ads for local restaurants and stores-it also provides a great visual for what you are looking for and where to find it. 

Don’t underestimate the power of saying yes

If asked to join an after-work gathering or weekend getaway, say yes! You have the rare chance to explore a place for the first time but must first will yourself there. The unexpected adventure will often lead to good company as you now have more shared experiences with those around you and opportunity to venture outside the comfort zone.

Talk with the locals

The inquisitive mind will always get the answers. Those you pass by on the street, stand in line with or live by are the experts on the city so take the initiative and find out their favorite venues, restaurants, tire places, parks or cleaners. More often than not, people are excited to boast about their city and won’t lead you astray.