How to Face Rejection like a Champion 

It can be a confusing and often harsh experience, but how you turn a job rejection into later success is monumental. Below are a few things to remember when you receive the bad news. 

Thank and receive feedback from the employer.

Maintaining a high level of professionalism all the way to the end is critical for future job searches and a sincere note of gratitude is always a must. If possible, follow up with the person who you spoke with and ask for constructive feedback. They are not under obligation to explain every reason why you were not hired but a few comments will help you on the road to self-improvement. 

Edit your files.

Spend a few minutes reviewing and editing your resume and cover letter. It may be useful to check your social media as well to be sure it is clear of any inappropriate content. This is an opportunity to ensure your information is current and accurate for the next employer. 

Adjust your mindset.

It is easy to linger in the self-doubt that accompanies a rejection, however, it is far more productive to learn from it. Look ahead for the next opportunity and in the meantime take a little time to do an activity you enjoy with good company to reset after the rejection. 

Understand the decision.

After some time has passed, make peace with the choice that was made. Realize that it was not personal but simply the right move for the employer at the time. It is important that the correct fit fills the position and the rejection may be a sign that it is time to redefine your job search as well. 

Keep searching!

While it is healthy to self-reflect, be sure to keep the momentum up in your job search. Too much idle time can cause you to wallow in the “what-ifs” of past interviews and discourage you from finding the perfect position.