Elevate Your Performance: The Power of Physical Activity in the Workforce

Finding ways to enhance productivity and performance is crucial in a fast-paced world with deadlines constantly approaching and stress levels outpouring. Many workers believe a coffee or energy drink can be the quick fix to exhaustion and unfocused work performance. Believe it or not, there is a sustainable solution that can not only enhance how you feel physically, but also your performance at work.

Regular Exercise 

When people think of exercise, the ideas of weight management, cardiovascular health, or muscle strength may come to mind. What about the advantages beyond the physical body? Exercise has the capability to stimulate new brain cell growth, which benefits the human brain in multiple different ways. Focus, memory retention, motivation, and attitudes can be directly correlated to physical activity levels, improving work performance.

The Power of Endorphins

Did you know that simply going on a jog during a lunch break can improve your work performance? This is due to powerful neurotransmitters the brain produces that can improve various aspects of your life: endorphins!

Endorphins act as a natural painkiller and can help elevate your mood. Runners may experience a euphoric feeling after a long run, which is often called a “runner’s high”. Runners feel this way due to the endorphins being released from their brains. Creating a consistent exercise routine will allow for a steady release of endorphins. Exercise routines decrease the feelings of stress and instead elevate your mood. Sleep quality and energy levels also increase as endorphins increase.

4 Tips to Finding Time to Incorporate Exercise into Your Schedule

1. Multitask Mindfully

Make time to exercise while enjoying some of your favorite activities. Listening to an audiobook or inspirational podcast while on a run or bike ride can be both enjoyable and rewarding. 

2. Prioritize Planning

Set aside dedicated time for physical activities throughout the week. Get into the habit of leaving these time slots available to plan to create a routine. Treat exercise like any other important task scheduled throughout the week. 

3. Embrace Community

Join a gym or workout group to be surrounded by individuals who have like-minded goals and aspirations. Having a community that can inspire and motivate you to stay committed is crucial to remaining fixed on the benefits of physical activity. 

4. Spare Every Opportunity

Incorporating activity into your daily life can be challenging, but it can be achieved by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to work instead of other forms of transportation if possible, or even parking farther away from building entrances. Every minute counts!

Embrace the Power of Physical Activity

Embracing the power of physical activity in your daily life can be much more beneficial than one might believe. Productivity is essential to success in today’s workforce, and with the help of endorphins, you can experience the transformation it will bring to your performance in the workforce. Your body and, ultimately, your career will thank you!